Requesting Linkage of a Bybit Account to Affiliate

Step 1: Open Your Browser

  • Navigate to your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Access the Form

Step 3: Read Instructions and Guidelines

  • Ensure you read any provided information, terms, or guidelines on the form. This will give you an understanding of what’s expected.

Step 4: Fill Out Your Information

  • Most forms will require personal details to validate your request. This might include your name, email address, and Bybit account details.

Step 5: Enter the Affiliate ID

  • In the section or field where it asks for the Affiliate ID or code, enter 35514, which corresponds to

Step 6: Double Check Details

  • Before submitting, review all the details you’ve entered. This ensures that there are no mistakes and that the process will run smoothly.

Step 7: Submit the Form

  • Once you’re satisfied with your entries, look for the ‘Submit’ button, usually found at the bottom of the form. Click on it to send your request.

Step 8: Confirmation and Next Steps

  • Typically, after submission, you’ll see a confirmation message or receive an email. Keep an eye out for further instructions or any follow-up steps.

Step 9: Be Patient

  • These requests might take time for the team behind bybit to process. Wait for a notification or response on the linkage status.

Step 10: If in Doubt, Reach Out

  • If you face any issues or have concerns, it’s always a good idea to contact the support or help desk provided by the platform.

Remember that linking accounts often requires verification for security and privacy reasons. Always ensure you’re using trusted links and keep your personal and financial details secure.